Builder's Blessing: New Collection Building Tools

Builder's Blessing from Avacyn Restored

There are three unique ways to add cards to your collection on OzGuild:

  1. Scanning your cards using your smartphone
  2. Importing uploading CSV files or pasting text
  3. Entering cards directly into the web platform

The varying tools we offer act as a Swiss army knife, allowing you to use the best tool for the job at hand. And in many ways we aim to future proof the platform, allowing for us to take advantage of various opportunities and technologies.

Recently, the OzGuild platform implemented an improved card input system for the web platform. Today we will focus on these new changes and how it gives us a path to future developments.

The New Build Page

Staged Adding

The biggest and most noticeable change to the platform is the ability to add cards in stages.

Originally every single card you added was immediately recorded to your collection.
Using the new staging area is similar to using a shopping cart, where you make additions to the cart as you go. Then when you are ready, you make the change to the collection as a single action.

Adding Cards in the Staging Area

Very rarely are you adding a single card by itself, so it made much more sense for the platform to add cards in batches. Redundancy and error minimisation are a benefit of having a staging area. Giving you more time to refine and decide what cards you want to commit into your collection. This also allows the platform to synergise well between features, as batch changes keep your collection changelog more manageable and clean.

As the first staged area for the platform, this feature will lay foundations for implementation of other collection management needs, such as batch removal, multi card trading, and retail implementation.

Card Conditions

Similar to If a card is in foil or not, the condition of the card is a strong determinant of price. We have chosen to add this to the building feature now as step one of a wider plan to provide more accurate prices for all cards. In the future, condition-based pricing will be integrated into the rest of platform giving you another layer of detail and insight into your collection. A more detailed story about your collection not only keeps you more informed but could also keep insurance agents happy as it demonstrates accurate and detailed cataloguing.

Card Conditions in the Staging Area

Card Quantities

Every single card you add to the platform is treated as an independent object. The Giant Growth you added a couple minutes ago is treated as independent from the Giant Growth you added a couple months ago. They will have their own timestamps, and attributes for them will be read independently. So you could have a tag for one of them being in your #GWCommander deck and another sitting in #Binder4. A future path that we are excited about is using these independent objects as data points for financial tools such as historical pricing and trade profits.

That's all well and good but what if you want to add multiples of the same card at a time, such as a playset. Previously you would need to add or scan each card that number of times. The new update makes that easier by allowing you to add the total quantity once, and leaves your computer doing the hard work of creating identical independent objects. This allows for a harmonious balance between speed of adding cards and platform integrity.

Batch #tagging

#tagging is a great tool for organisation. We initially introduced it with other collection management features and wanted to expand its usage to point of input. In the staged adding area we have treated #tagging differently from other card attributes (such as card condition). This was done to avoid the need for repeated #tagging when adding each card. Instead, when your batch of staged cards are added to your collection, those tags are added to each card.

#tagging in the Collection Changelog

Hope you are able to take advantage of this month’s upgrade to the platform. As always we are looking forward to working on and releasing new features based on feedback, so please keep your messages flowing. Thanks for reading my first blog post! I hope to introduce myself and the OzGuild team further in an About Us blogpost, so see you soon :)

We are constantly working to improve existing features and add new ones to the OzGuild platform. We have created a Public Development Roadmap, allowing us to show you the features we are working and allowing you to vote on features for us to focus on next.

Public Development Roadmap on Trello