New Frontiers

This blogpost marks the beginning of a journey into new frontiers for OzGuild. We have been working hard for over a year now, developing the product, testing and engaging with Magic players from all over the world. Feedback and support from the Magic community has been incredibly inspiring. We wouldn't be where we are today without it, so I'd like to begin this blog with a thank you to everyone who has supported us so far! Thanks!

OzGuild is headed towards New Frontiers

So where is this new frontier, and what's so new about it?

OzGuild is now out of beta! We spent last year testing our ideas and designs with our beta users and now have polished off the final features and launched our paid service; the Guildmage account. This doesn't mean we're finished though, we still have a thousand and one great ideas for the product. We'll always be looking to update and improve the platform.

As for what's new, we're proud to announce the launch of one of our most exciting and useful features: tagging! This feature came as a solution to a problem we had faced from the very beginning: how do we reflect the beautiful, organised nature of the cards in your digital catalogue in the chaotic mess of cards that is your actual physical collection? You can see in your OzGuild account that you own two "Dungeon Geists" but where are they in all your many boxes of cards?

OzGuild's new #tagging interface

We decided that we would need a way for users to add extra information to their cards, beyond the normal information associated with a Magic card like Power and Toughness or Rarity. The power of this idea was quickly realised, you could tag a card with it's physical location (#box3 or #binder2), whether it is available for trade (#fortrade) or just about any other relevant piece of information you could think of. We used it to tag some cards with #borrowed after a few friends borrowed some cards for a tournament, and then tagged each card with the name of the person who had borrowed them. It's a simple and elegant solution to a complex problem, and we've found it's made a huge impact on how organised our collection is.

OzGuild's new #tagging interface

We're pretty impressed with ourselves, but we want to be sure we've hit the mark. You can head over to, log in and try it out. We'd love to hear your thoughts on our recent updates!